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Hi Kim,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for putting me at ease both with the initial emails back and forth because of my crazy schedule and also yesterday when I arrived.

The atmosphere was not at all what I expected. I expected a cold reception and matter of fact, all business kind of thing. What I got was a warm welcome from Sarah and the receptionist as well. Sorry I didn’t get her name, she was very sweet and pleasant.

The time you spent preparing me to meet the doctor further put me at ease about the doctor and the procedure.

Dr. Jugenburg is the perfect mix of professionalism and humanity. I appreciated his in depth diagrams to ensure I had a full understanding of the process and his little bit of humour was perfect for making me feel comfortable. His extensive knowledge is more than evident in speaking with him. Yet he doesn’t come across cold or cocky like many people in his field.

I took your advise and decided to work from home today and I’m glad I did. Although pain free so far, I am shaky from the meds if I try to walk around so I’ll stay in bed with my laptop. Which is why I’m able to take this time to send you my sincere thanks.

Thank you to everyone. Including the very sweet man who put gently to sleep and the beautiful nurse who assisted him.

I’ll be back for the second thing on my bucket list, then I’m done. We’ll book that next week.

Thanks again Kim. As a business owner my self, I recognise the value of what you do. Sincere gratitude.

Dr. Martin Martin and his staff are truly amazing! Martin is very knowledgeable and definitely knows what hes doing. I had the Brazilian butt lift procedure done in March 2012, and I couldnt be more pleased. Thank you Martin for doing such a fantastic job!!! I love my “new” bod

I had my Breast done by Dr Martin, And he was the best choice. I sent a family member and 2 very good friends. They are very happy. Im looking forward to having more work done. And would only go to him.

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