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Muscle Repair in A Tummy Tuck

Do you have a belly pouch that just won’t go away?  Do people keep asking you if you are pregnant?  You may have Rectus Diastsis.

What is Rectus Diastasis?

Rectus Diastasis is the condition when the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) that generate the six-pack look have been stretched apart.  This happen with weight gain, pregnancy, and sometimes due to genetics.  When the abdominal muscles are loosened, the intra-abdominal contents are able to bulge outward creating the ‘belly pouch’.  If this happens (muscles are separated) then unfortunately no amount of exercise can help.  Surgery is your only option to correct your tummy.

What is Muscle Tightening?

tummy tuck torontoMuscle tightening is a surgical procedure performed during a tummy tuck that brings the separated rectus muscles back together.  During the surgery, Dr. Jugenburg uses strong stitches to stitch together the separated muscles thus repositioning them into the the midline and also tightening them.  As demonstrated by the picture on the left, this woman had a post-pregnancy bulge.  She opted to have a tummy tuck to tighten her muscles, and the result is seen in the right image.  Following a muscle tightening procedure, over the next 6 weeks as you heal, scar tissue that forms between the two muscles acts like a glue that holds them together and the sutures dissolve away.

What are the benefits of muscle repair?

Tightening the abdominal muscles not only gives you a more appealing profile, but also strengthens your core.  By re-aligning the abdominal muscles to their correct position, they are able to function better.  You’ll notice that your situp exercises become less difficult.  Even if you don’t exercise, actions such as getting up from a lying position will be easier and quicker.  Your chance of developing an abdominal bulge or even a hernia will be significantly reduced.  You’ll look better AND feel better.

Is there an additional cost to this?

No, muscle tightening is a normal component of a tummy tuck.  It is automatically done for any patient that is found to have lax or separated muscles at the time of their tummy tuck.  In special circumstances, when a patient specifically asks not to have the muscle tightening done, Dr. Jugenburg will not perform it.

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