Brazilian Butt LIft Toronto

Brazilian Butt Lift is the hottest procedure in cosmetic surgery today.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Get the hottest procedure in cosmetic surgery!  Brazilian Butt Lift is the hottest procedure in cosmetic surgery today that will give you a rounder, fuller, and sexier butt. Buttock augmentation with fat transfer (fat grafting) is a safe and effective way to re-sculpt the butt and waist area. 

It is a 2-for-1 procedure because you get liposuction and fat transfer.  Liposuction is performed first to remove fat from areas where there is excess fat such as the abdomen, love handles, lower back, and thighs. As a result of this first step, these areas become smaller, tighter, and shapelier. The fat is then processed and separated from other components, and the purified fat is injected into the butt area to produce a perkier, more voluptuous, and sexier butt.

Before & After Photos – Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a great 2-for-1 cosmetic surgery procedure. When looking at Before & After photos note how the waist and love handles become more contoured, and how the butt becomes rounder and more curvaceous.

To see more Before & After Photos for this procedure, please visit our Photo Gallery

Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto

Brazilian Butt Lift in The Media

Dr. Martin is renowned for his Brazilian Butt Lift procedures and has been featured in the national media, showcasing some of the amazing results this procedure can create. Etalk, CTV, GlobalTV, The Toronto Star, The Sun, and other publications have all featured our Brazilian Butt Lift work.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift over Butt Implants

  • It achieves a more natural appearance
  • Larger volume enlargement can be achieved by a Brazilian Butt Lift than by a silicone butt implant
  • It leaves less evidence of surgery
  • Scars after a Brazilian Butt Lift are tiny and when fully healed look like small skin marks
  • It avoids Implant-related complications such as leakage, rupture, and hardening of the implant
  • Risk of infection is very small
  • Surgery is much less painful than an implant augmentation
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Brazilian Butt Lift Clinic Toronto

Because of it’s huge popularity, we created a website specifically for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Toronto, where you will find additional information about butt enlargement using fat, before and after pictures of Brazilian Butt Lifts, and other useful information.  Click Here to open up our satellite Brazilian Butt Lift site.

Popularity of Brazilian Butt Lift

The popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift (butt augmentation using fat) is growing for several reasons. Increase in the exercise/fitness movement has called attention to the development and shaping of the buttocks. Thong-style underwear and swim suits add more emphasis to the butt area. And finally, the popularity of stars such as J-Lo, Kim Kardashian and others has shown that curvaceous butt is beautiful.

Do I Need More Than One Surgery?

95% of our patients are happy after one Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. In some cases patients have more than one session of Fat Grafting. This is either because patients feel they did not get a sufficient increase in their butt, or because patients love the results and want even more butt augmentation.

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Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Certifications

Implant material
Potential capsular contracture
Potential for implant loss
Placement of implant
Maximum volume possible
Difficulty of surgery
Return to normal activity
Scar size

Silicone Implant
Only upper butt
10 days to 3 weeks
5-7 cm

Fat Grafting
Entire butt
Large (>800cc)
3-5 days
0.3 cmm

Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto

Brazilian Butt Lift Q&A

1. Is the garment put on right after surgery? – Yes, while you are asleep.
2. Do I need antibiotics? – You will be given a prescription for antibiotics and pain medications.
3. What type of anesthetic? – The procedure is done under general anesthesia.
4. What about the drive home? – Either lie down on the backseat on your stomach or if necessary, drive yourself if the trip is brief.
5. Is fat taken from the whole stomach or just lower? – Fat is liposuctioned from all areas where there is useable fat.
6. Do I take off garment to go to the washroom? – Yes.
7. What time should I get there? – You need to arrive 1-2 hours before surgery.
8. When can I start going to the gym? Work? – You can return to work in about 1 week. You can return to the gym in 2 weeks but must avoid exercise machines (where all the pressure is on the butt while you sit) for a full 3 months.

Limitations Of Brazilian Butt Lifts

Brazilian Butt Lift is usually limited by two factors. First, patients must have sufficient EXCESS fat that can be used. Most people overestimate how much fat they have. Remember, not all fat can be taken. Some must be left behind to make sure the area where the fat came from does not look deformed. Secondly, there is a limit to how much fat can be injected into the buttocks. Over-injecting is like overfilling a cup. After a certain point the excess just spills over and is wasted.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift the Same Thing As Butt Injections?

No.  Brazilian Butt Lift is a specific procedure where fat is liposuctioned from one area and then injected into the upper butt.  Butt Injections usually refers to various non-biological substances (such as silicone, biogel, hydrogel etc) injected into the butt.  These procedures are illegal and extremely dangerous.  You should avoid them at all cost no matter how desperate you may be to get a butt augmentation and this seems to be the only way to get it done!

Is There An Ideal Candidate For The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

An ideal candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift is a person who fits the following criteria:

  • Has a sufficient amount of EXCESS fat in localized fat pockets that can be used for fat transfer.
  • The excess fat looks like a bulge so that removal of the fat will result in flattening the area. Just taking fat from any area, where it is not bulging will leave a depression.
  • Has realistic expectations and understands that the Brazilian Butt Lift is more of a butt augmentation and sculpting procedure than a lift. The amount of size increase that can be achieved is dependent on how much usable, excess fat you have.
  • Understands that some fat will resorb over the first three months and that their participation in the healing process is essential in keeping the fat resorption to a minimum.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health to be able to undergo any surgical procedure.
  • Must be able to commit to not sitting for two weeks.

Approximately How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

The procedure starts at about $8500 and the exact fee depends on how complex the task is and how long it is estimated to take.

What Does It Involve Surgically?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a two-in-one surgical procedure. First, fat is liposuctioned from areas of excess (where it is not wanted) and then the fat is processed and injected into the butt to sculpt it, making it larger and rounder.

How Quickly Can Someone Expect To See Results Post-Surgery?

The change in body shape is immediate, however Dr. Jugenburg tells his patients that right after surgery there will be a lot of swelling and injected will resorb and melt away. The final result and size of your new butt is seen after a full three months of healing.

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