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Labia Reduction Surgery

Dr. Jugenburg is a respected expert Labiaplasty Surgeon who teaches other Plastic Surgeons and residents on his surgical techniques.  Dr. Jugenburg performs these procedures frequently and is a sought after expert on cosmetic genital surgery

A Labiaplasty is a safe procedure that removes excess tissue in order to decrease and change the size of the enlarged inner genital lips. The desire and need for maintaining and improving genital health is constantly evolving in today’s society, so Labiaplasties are actually quite popular and on the rise!

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Many women have enlarged labia lips (also referred to as vaginal lips, inner labia or labia minora) that protrude beneath their labia majora (outer labia). A large labia can form as a part of aging, hormonal changes, or during stretching of childbirth. Women with large labias may suffer from various symptoms and may be uncomfortable or embarrassed with their appearance. If you’ve lived with this condition for years, there is a relatively and effective minor procedure that can dramatically improve your life- a labiaplasty!

Labia Reduction Surgery in the Media

Toronto Labia Reduction Surgery

Labia reduction surgery has been featured in magazines, raising awareness of this procedure and how it can help countless women who suffer in silence.

What Is A ‘Normal’ Labia?

During childhood the labia minora does not extend past labia majora. However, as Labia Minoras age, they enlarge and can hang outside of the outer labia. There are many reasons that can cause the labia stretching such as gravity, sex, hormonal changes, injury, pregnancy, childbirth or weight-loss. The enlargement and appearance causes embarrassment and discomfort for many women, which is why labia reduction surgery is ideal.

Symptoms of Large Labia

Large labia can cause various symptoms such as pain and discomfort during physical activities, sexual intercourse, or simply while wearing tight-fitting clothes.  Large labia are irritated during sports such a bike-riding, horse-riding.  During sex large labia can get pulled causing discomfort or outright pain, causing the patient physical and emotional distress.  This can cause insecurity and embarrassment for the sexual partner as well.

What Is The Goal Of A Labiaplasty?

A ‘youthful’ appearance, when labia minora not outwardly visible while standing, is the goal of a labiaplasty. A study recently published on the ‘normal’ anatomy of the labia found that patients happy with their labia had labia that was 1.5 wide, while patients requesting labia reduction surgery had labia that was on average 3.5cm wide.  Increasing labia size was associated with increasing dissatisfaction among women.

Reasons to Consider Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction)

When it comes to labiaplasty (labia reduction surgery), some women do it for purely cosmetic reasons while others have fundamental functional issues. A 2008 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that 32% of patients undergo the surgery for corrective and functional impairment while 37% percent for aesthetic reasons alone. There are various surgical techniques that cure this condition, the choice depends on the unique characteristics of your anatomy. The labiaplasty procedure does not interfere in anyway with the feel of labial skin or sexual satisfaction. Women may consider labiaplasty when their labia manora or excessive skin are causing problems with:

  • Concerns with irregular appearance due to size, discoloration, or length (asymmetric, protuberant, or cosmetically undesirable)
  • Concerns with intercourse (pain/pulling/discomfort/irritation)
  • Concerns during physical activities like walking, riding, cycling, exercising (pain, pulling, soreness or irritation)
  • Feeling discomfort when wearing certain tight fitting clothes, lingerie or bikinis
  • Personal hygiene or odor issues
  • Difficulty using tampons
  • Multi-directional urine stream
  • Embarrassment when showering in the presence of others, at the gym for example
  • Loss of sexual confidence or enjoyment which can eventually lead to reluctance in intimate relationships


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Labia Reduction Benefits

Labial reduction surgery reduces the protrusion of the labial lips (labia minora.) If protruding labial lips/skin make you feel embarrased, interfere with physical activities or sexual intercourse, you may benefit from this procedure. Labia are reshaped, shortened, made thinner or asymmetry is corrected. Therefore, the procedure can also be referred to as labial beautification.

Labia Reduction Procedure

There are different ways of performing labia reduction. A simple procedure is Labia Trim of any excessively protruding labia. Another way to achieve labia reduction is remove a wedge of tissue. This technique, however, can cause constriction of the vaginal opening (introitus) and it’s ability to reduce labia lips is limited. These labia reduction surgeries can be done under sedation or general anesthesia (asleep.)

Labial Reduction Surgery Recovery

After Labiaplasty surgery you will have bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort in the groin area. Swelling and bruising will be most noticeable after the first day and will slowly subside over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Some spotting after labia reduction is normal and should stop after a few days. You should avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks to avoid injuring your healing wounds. You should wash your wounds with soap and water three times a day for the next week. Your labia stitches will be disolvable, so do not need to have them removed.

All women are born with a uniquely formed shape and as such, their genital area also vary and differ in size. Even though this is completely normal and common, labial reduction should be considered to alleviate aesthetic or functionality concerns. Why continue feeling embarrassed or discomforted by the way you look and feel?

The Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers you highly specialized service with luxurious facilities and the latest advanced technologies.We understand and relate to the sensitivity one can feel when in this situation and offer you an environment that is supportive, dignified, discrete and encouraging. Dr. Jugenburg presents extensive knowledge and experience in surgically correcting a wide variety of aesthetic problems whether they are related to the face or the body.

The new appearance of your inner labia can help you gain a newfound confidence with minimized recovery and effective, natural-looking results.

Labia reduction surgery trims excess labial skin (labia minora) in women who are unhappy with the appearance of their labia. Most seek labial beautification surgery or labia reduction as a solution to the unattractive appearance of long, thick and hanging labia. In some cases women ask for labia reduction because their unusually large labia create discomfort during sex or physical activities, or even when wearing certain types of clothing.

In some cases the labia does have a clearly abnormal shape, as for example when one or both sides have a small area that is significantly larger than the rest of the labia minora. In such a case the desired outcome is smooth out the contour of the labia but trimming or reducing the protruding part.

Toronto Labiaplasty Techniques

Labia Reduction And Sex

Will labiaplasty (labia reduction surgery) have an impact on sex? If you have very large labia minora which cause you a great deal of discomfot during sexual intercourse, then labia reduction surgery will likely help.

Labia Reduction Pictures

Labia reduction before and after pictures are not posted here for obvious reasons. However, at the time of consultation you will be able to look at our gallery of pictures to better understand what labia reduction surgery entails and what outcomes you can expect.

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