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Vaginal Rejuvenation & Labioplasty
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Labiaplasty Recovery

Typical patients have an uneventful recovery after their labia reduction surgery. Some swelling and bruising is normal, and a mild discomfort is to be expected. Most women have an easy recovery after labia reduction, experiencing only mild swelling and little to no discomfort 3-5 days after surgery. They can typically return to work in just a few days, and resume sexual activity after 6 weeks.

There are some patients recovery very well, have minimal pain and require no pain medications after the labiaplasty. On the other hand some women are less able to tolerate the discomfort and require up to 5 days to fully recover.

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Wound care after labia reduction procedure

Post-operative care involves careful washing of the labia to prevent bacterial or yeast infection. The stitches used during this procedure are absorbable and will dissolve, so there is no need for suture removal. For two weeks the labia are very fragile and any pressure, friction, or stretching of the labia should be avoided to ensure good healing. For 6 weeks, women should avoid sexual activity, bike riding or horseback riding.

Labia after the surgery

Final results of the surgery will take up to three months to see. The labia will be swollen, bruised, and deformed immediately after the surgery. Most of the swelling and bruising will resolve within 1-2 weeks. Some sensitivity in the area can persist for weeks. The scars will look very rough and irregular, however after 3 months they will be healed so well most people will not know you ever had surgery.

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