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What is “Normal” Labia?

The appearance of a person’s genital area can cause a lot of them a lot of insecurity even if it’s something most people do not see.  For men, it’s the size, shape, and curvature of their penis.

It has received a lot of attention, and we have all heard of penis enlargement devices, lengthening surgery, and countless pills sold to address men’s insecurities.  But what about women?  Although it is not talked about as much, women are concerned about the size, shape, and colour of their private parts.

“My Inner labia stick out.  Is that normal? I am insecure about it and embarrassed to let my boyfriend see”

Labioplasty TorontoWhat is Normal Labia?

Unlike other body parts, virtually no two labia are identical. While most breasts have a similar shape, most hands  have a recognizable pattern of four longer fingers and one shorter thumb, labia come in every possible variety of size, shape, and colour.  Some may be very small and flesh coloured.  Others may be thick and heavy around the clitoris, and others may be excessive around the vaginal opening.  So the truth is, there is no one “normal” labia.  In general, a ‘normal’ labia is one that has an even shape, slowly tapering off toward the vaginal opening.  They do not stick out too much past the outer lips when standing out and they are relatively thin.  A scientific study that compared the anatomy of the inner labia of various women found that women with smaller labia tended to be happier with their appearance than those with larger labia.

Physical discomfort due to large labia.

Labia enlargement can cause not only cosmetic concerns, but also pain and discomfort.  For some women enlarged labia causes discomfort during sports, when wearing tight clothing such as tight fitting jeans, or they can get caught and pulled during sex.  Women who have pain and discomfort because of enlarged labia usually ask to have most of their labia trimmed to avoid any future discomfort.

You are not alone

Deciding to undergo labiaplasty surgery can be a scary process.  This is not a procedure that receives a lot of attention and even among other doctors there is a lot of ignorance about any cosmetic genital surgery.  Your family doctor may know very little about this or may discourage you from having it done because they don’t believe in cosmetic surgery.  Many older gynecologists may also discourage you from having any ‘cosmetic’ surgery which to them mean ‘unnecessary’ surgery.  However, you, like many other women out there do not need to feel insecure and embarrassed about your private area.  We see many women who seek to improve their appearance or rid themselves of the discomfort of enlarged labia.  We are here to help you.

For more information about labia reduction surgery and we can help you feel and look better, call us at 416-834-6640 and schedule your private and confidential consultation.

What is a Youthful Labia?

Some women are not looking for ‘normal’ labia, but want a more ‘youthful’ labia.  The want to look like the way they looked when they were younger.  Most girls and young women have inner labia that is smaller than the outer labia and thus when standing up, the inner labia is not seen protruding out.  With aging, as result of hormonal changes, stretching, and vaginal delivery, the inner labia enlarges and now becomes visible and sticks out when standing.  Thus some women are looking specifically for the ‘youthful’ labia appearance where the inner labia is invisible.  They request that most of their inner labia be trimmed.

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