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Drain Free Tummy Tuck

A traditional tummy tuck requires the use of surgical drains (tubes that drain blood and fluids from the surgical area) following an abdominoplasty.  These drains remain in place until they are collecting less than 20 ml in a day, after which they are pulled out.

Many patients do not like having drains and wish they could avoid that.  Well now they can.  A drain free tummy tuck does NOT use surgical drains.  And the good news is that that’s not all.  There are several advantages to this tummy tuck technique over the traditional abdominoplasty.

Advantages of a Drain-Free Tummy Tuck

  • No need for surgical drains after the procedure
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Tighter abdominal closure
  • Lower, better hidden tummy tuck scar
  • Thinner, less visible scar

Am I a Candidate for the Drain-Free Technique?

Most patients are candidates for this variation on the abdominoplasty surgery.  If you are in a good shape, healthy, and close to your ideal weight, you most likely will be able to have the drain-free abdominoplasty.  Patients who are overweight and who’s BMI is over 35 are most likely not good candidates for this procedure.  During your consultation Dr. Jugenburg will examine you and tell you whether or not can have a drain-free tummy tuck or whether you need the traditional technique.  Additionally, please understand that in some cases, during the surgery Dr. Jugenburg my feel that you will have a lot of fluid collecting under the skin and then leaving surgical drains will be required.  Note, that even if Dr. Jugenburg ends up using drains, he will still perform the overall procedure in the same manner he would in any drain-free tummy tuck: a specialized technique and tight closure will be done as it is in a drain-free procedure, and in addition to that he will insert drains to lower the risk of a seroma.
Drain Free Tummy Tuck Toronto

What are drains used for in surgery?

Surgical drains, such as the ones depicted in the image on the left, facilitate drainage of serous body fluids after surgery.  During the healing phase all wounds have an impaired ability to properly circulate body fluids through the surgical area and surgeons would traditionally leave drains in place for 1 day to two weeks until your body heals well enough to be able to clear and recirculate the serous fluid.  If drains are removed too early or not used at all and your body is unable to clear the fluid, a collection will form called a seroma.  This is not a dangerous event but takes a long time to resolve delaying your healing process.

So why not use drains in a Tummy Tuck?

Traditionally, drains have been used in all tummy tuck surgeries to avoid the formation of a seroma.  However, with the new advances in the surgical technique used in tummy tuck procedures, Dr. Jugenburg is able to repair the abdomen after he has removed all the excess skin and fat in such a way that a risk of a seroma is less than if he had used drains.  Dr. Jugenburg has been performing this Drain Free Tummy Tuck for over three years now and has found this technique to be a more efficient and better procedure.  We now offer the abdominoplasty procedure to all our patients that qualify for it.

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