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Breast Augmentation

You want beautiful sexy breasts, not just a simple breast enlargement. Dr. Jugenburg has studied breast augmentation techniques with some of the world’s most experienced breast surgeons, from whom he has learned the techniques and approaches to perform virtually every type of breast augmentation surgery and to deal with any potential challenge one may encounter during this surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Jugenburg has sub-specialization in cancer reconstruction, and has trained at the world-renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in Manhattan. Upon returning to Toronto, Dr. Jugenburg has worked at the Toronto General Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, providing some of the most sophisticated care to his patients.

Breast Reduction

Dr. Jugenburg rarely uses the “inverted T” approach, but rather limits the incision to only the vertical component. This means a significant reduction in scar size. Additionally, the technique Dr. Jugenburg performs is associated with fewer complications than the traditional “inverted T” with inferior pedicle technique. As a result, the blood supply, sensation, and “bottoming out” (sagging of the breast) are all improved compared to the traditional approach.

Toronto Breast Augmentation

“We don’t do Big Breasts. We do Beautiful Breasts”

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Surgical Procedures: Breast augmentation

Soft Natural looking breasts and no tell-tale signs of surgery; feel great the next day!

You picture yourself with a beautiful, more proportionate body contour that you feel good about. You are already beautiful.  You just want more beautiful breasts to complete the look.  Dr. Martin Jugenburg is a talented breast augmentation surgeon known for his natural-looking scarless results and down-to-earth, caring personality.

Dr. Jugenburg has been helping countless women transform their breasts into more beautiful, fuller, perkier breasts, without the tell-tale signs of surgery.  From the moment you come in for your breast augmentation consultation, through your surgery, and through your follow up visits, you will know you are in good hands.

Toronto is the largest centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Canada, and one of the biggest in the world.  It is a home to some 200 cosmetic surgeons, many of who offer breast augmentation procedures to their patients. So how can you decide who is the best?  Who will give you the results you want?  Who will treat you like unique special person, not just another ‘breast augmentation’?

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute we work together with you to help you fully understand all the options that are available to you and all the considerations you have to make prior to your surgery.  We don’t do cookie-cutter procedures.  Each and every patient is treated as a unique individual with unique needs.  Your existing breasts are unlike any one else’s.  Your desires are unlike anyone else’s.  And so we sit down with you and review all the different breast augmentation techniques, all the different breast implants.  We try various sizer implants.  When our consultation with you is over, you will walk away from us feeling confident that you are getting exactly what you want.  You will walk away from meeting us feeling confident that we will treat you and care for you as if you were family.  You will know that when the surgery is over, we will be there for you during your recovery to ensure everything goes according to the plan.  It is all a part of our Royal Treatment Package.

Breast Augmentation by Dr. Jugenburg

Dr. Jugenburg takes the time to get to know you, to understand well what it is exactly that you want.  Being highly skilled in all forms of breast augmentation, Dr. Jugenburg is very comfortable adjusting his technique based on your anatomy and your desires.  You will not be told what you need. We will listen to what you want.

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, is your destination for a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Our surgeon, Dr. Jugenburg, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with education, credentials, and years of experience that you can trust to give you personalized, exceptional care.

Dr. Jugenburg Plastic Surgeon, M.D., F.R.C.S.C. Royal York Hotel (Level B) 100 Front St West Toronto, Ontario M5J1E3 Tel. (416)834-6640 Email: [email protected]

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Certifications


Having performed countless breast augmentation surgeries, we have the experience, the skill, and the team of professionals to take good care of you.   Your experience will start with a one on one consultation with Dr. Jugenburg.  These usually take 15-30 minutes for most patients, but if you have many questions we don’t mind taking the time to answer all your questions, and satisfy your curiosity about breast augmentation surgery.  After this Toronto Breast Augmentation Surgerydiscussion, Dr. Jugenburg will examine you and allow you to try out our sample implants, and we have lots and lots of implants for you to try out!  While we also offer 3D computer simulation to show you what you would look like after the surgery, we believe no simulation can beat holding an implant in your hand, feeling how soft it is, how heavy it is, and seeing what it looks like when it sits in your bra. This is by far the best way to choose the size of your implant. Based on your choice of implants, your existing breasts, and desired look, Dr. Jugenburg will make a recommendation based on his extensive experience, to create the type of breast augmentation that you want.

Prior to the surgery, our coordinators will guide you through all the steps necessary before you can have your surgery.  We want to ensure that you are safe to have breast augmentation surgery, and that your recovery will be a quick and simple one.

See our Photo Gallery for more before and after pictures of various breast augmentation results.

Next Steps

If breast augmentation is something you are seriously considering, the next steps to take will be:

  1. Read more about breast augmentation and the various options you have (see our library of articles below)
  2. Search the web for various pictures of breasts to get an idea of what look you like and don’t like.  Save a few examples of what you like or don’t like to prepare for your consultation.
  3. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg to get an expert opinion on what would work for you and what wouldn’t.  You’ll also have an opportunity to look at various implants, see additional before and after photos and try different sizes of implants to determine what will look the best on you.
  4. Prepare for your surgery.  Our staff will help you and guide you through the entire process to make this painless and smooth.  You can read more about how to prepare for your surgery here.

Once Dr. Jugenburg is finished, our anesthetist will meet you and examine you.  If you have any anesthesia related questions, this will be your opportunity to ask them.  Finally, you will walk into the Operating Room where our nurses will make you comfortable, put various monitors on your body which check your heart rate, pulse, and oxygen levels during the surgery.

Our anesthetist will start the anesthesia and you will slowly fall asleep.  When you wake up, it will be all over and you will be in the recovery room under the watchful eye of our recovery room nurse, with brand new beautiful breasts.

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