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Breast Augmentation

You want beautiful sexy breasts, not just a simple breast enlargement. Dr. Jugenburg has studied breast augmentation techniques with some of the world’s most experienced breast surgeons, from whom he has learned the techniques and approaches to perform virtually every type of breast augmentation surgery and to deal with any potential challenge one may encounter during this surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Jugenburg has sub-specialization in cancer reconstruction, and has trained at the world-renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in Manhattan. Upon returning to Toronto, Dr. Jugenburg has worked at the Toronto General Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, providing some of the most sophisticated care to his patients.

Breast Reduction

Dr. Jugenburg rarely uses the “inverted T” approach, but rather limits the incision to only the vertical component. This means a significant reduction in scar size. Additionally, the technique Dr. Jugenburg performs is associated with fewer complications than the traditional “inverted T” with inferior pedicle technique. As a result, the blood supply, sensation, and “bottoming out” (sagging of the breast) are all improved compared to the traditional approach.

Trans-Axillary Breast Augmentation

Natural looking, scarless breast augmentation through the armpit.  The armpit approach to breast augmentation, known as the Trans-Axillary breast augmentation is our favourite approach to breast enlargement.

It is a technique that allows Dr. Jugenburg to place a breast implant under your pectoral muscle without really touching your breast.  Once fully healed, these scars hidden in the armpit, look so faint that they are difficult to see even when you are looking at them directly.  And when someone looks at these scars, they won’t know that they are scars.  Nor will they realize that a breast implant was inserted through them.  This technique has all the positives: implant is placed under the muscle, the resultant shape is very natural looking, both saline and silicone breast implants can be used, and finally there is no scar left on the breast.

Armpit Breast AugmentationBenefits of the Trans-axillary approach

  • no scar on the breast
  • no muscle cut, only natural tissue planes opened up to create natural looking result
  • lower risk of bottoming out
  • lower risk of capsular contracture
  • lower visibility of rippling

Preparation for a transaxillary breast augmentation

Prior to your breast augmentation through the armpit, you should follow our general guide on preparing for breast augmentation.  For the transaxillary technique, please make sure to shave the armpit area on the morning of the surgery.  Wash thoroughly with soap and water.  Any soap will do, you do not need to purchase special antibacterial soaps.  After you washed thoroughly, do NOT apply any anti-perspirant sticks or sprays.  Do not apply any lotions or creams.  Leave you skin clean and dry to minimize risk of infection during the breast augmentation surgery.

Trans-Axillary Breast Augmentation

On the day of your breast surgery, you will have to arrive 2 hours before the scheduled surgical time.  The exact time of your surgery will be determine a few days prior to the surgery.  Although we roughly know the schedule for the day weeks ahead of time, sometimes we need to re-arrange the surgical procedures when a certain patient may require to be done as the first case of the day.  Patients with diabetes, for example, are done first to allow for better blood sugar control.  Regardless of when your surgery is tentatively scheduled for, plan on taking the entire day off.  If for example you are scheduled to have the breast augmentation surgery in the afternoon, do not try to squeeze in some errands in the morning.  Just take the day off and try to relax.

Upon arrival in our cosmetic surgery clinic, one of our nurses will check you in.  She will go through a checklist to ensure that you are ready and safe to proceed.  Next you will change into our robes and wait to see Dr. Jugenburg.  When you are ready, Dr. Jugenburg will come in and meet you again.  He will review the surgical plan with you to ensure you fully understand everything.  Dr. Jugenburg will ask you to tell him what you are having done.  This is not because he forgot, but because he wants to hear from you in your own words what it is that you are getting done.  This is a routine procedure to ensure you are fully aware of what you are doing and to remind us of any adjustments you need or want on top of the routine procedures that we perform.  For example if in addition to the breast augmentation, you would like Dr. Jugenburg to also remove a mole from somewhere on your body at the time of the surgery, this will give you the opportunity to remind Dr. Jugenburg to mark that mole for removal.  Next, Dr. Jugenburg will draw on you to mark various landmarks (because things look different when you are standing vs lying down) and to plan the surgery.

Scarless Breast Augmentation TorontoFinally, you will be taken to the operating room where our nurses will lie you down on the operating table, apply ECG sensors, oxygen sensors and make sure you are lying comfortably.  Our Anesthetist will then start an intravenous line through which you will receive medication and anesthesia.  Next thing you know you will be falling asleep and when you wake up, it’s all over.  You now have beautiful new breasts!

During surgery Dr. Jugenburg and his team will clean your armpit area and chest with a special antiseptic cleaning solution and create a sterile field.  Dr. Jugenburg will place a small incision in the armpit area through which a tunnel is created under the pectoral muscle towards the space under the breast.  The breast implant is then take out of it’s sterile packaging, washed and then placed into the space under the breast muscle (pectoral muscle).  Dr. Jugenburg will compare both sides to create best possible symmetry.  The incisions are then closed using absorbable sutures.  Dr. Jugenburg does not use drains, unlike some other surgeons.  The benefit of this is a quicker recovery and no need to have the drain removed at a later date after the surgery is over.

Recovering after your surgery

Once your surgery is over, the Anesthetist will turn off the anesthetic gases and you will slowly start to wake up.  You won’t remember the first few minutes until you are fully awake.  Some women have no recollection of the first 30 minutes after their surgery.  Our team will apply the various bandages, surgical bra to protect the surgical results.  You will be moved from the operating table onto the recovery room stretcher and you will then be moved to the recovery room.  There, our recovery room nurse will carefully monitor you while you wake up.  You will have a blood-pressure cuff, heart rate and an oxygen monitor on.  We will keep a close eye on you and when you feel ready, you will be able to leave.  Most of our patients choose to stay at the Royal York Hotel for the convenience of staying within our facility, avoiding the need to take a long ride home, and having the luxury of a beautiful room with room service inside the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.  The following morning, when you come back for your first follow up visit, you do not need to drive back to the clinic, and instead just come down the elevator into our clinic.  Our nurses and Dr. Jugenburg will examine you and then clear you to go home.

Breast Garment BandYou will have a compression garment/band sitting over the top of your new breast implants, pushing them downward.  You will also be given instructions on breast massage.  Breast implants and swelling tend to sit high on your chest and thus through the use of this band and breast massage, you will slowly massage your new breast implants into their proper position.  Our staff will give you instructions on where you can get your own post-surgical bra, or alternatively, you can order them through our office.

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