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Breast Augmentation

You want beautiful sexy breasts, not just a simple breast enlargement. Dr. Jugenburg has studied breast augmentation techniques with some of the world’s most experienced breast surgeons, from whom he has learned the techniques and approaches to perform virtually every type of breast augmentation surgery and to deal with any potential challenge one may encounter during this surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Jugenburg has sub-specialization in cancer reconstruction, and has trained at the world-renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in Manhattan. Upon returning to Toronto, Dr. Jugenburg has worked at the Toronto General Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, providing some of the most sophisticated care to his patients.

Breast Reduction

Dr. Jugenburg rarely uses the “inverted T” approach, but rather limits the incision to only the vertical component. This means a significant reduction in scar size. Additionally, the technique Dr. Jugenburg performs is associated with fewer complications than the traditional “inverted T” with inferior pedicle technique. As a result, the blood supply, sensation, and “bottoming out” (sagging of the breast) are all improved compared to the traditional approach.

Breast Augmentation: How Do I Prepare for the Surgery?

Dr. Jugenburg and his staff will ensure that you are well prepared for your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Ensure you will have someone to stay with you after the breast augmentation surgery

Breast Augmentation is an outpatient surgical procedure thus following your surgery you can be released to go home or to recover in one of our luxurious hotel rooms int the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Whether you go home or stay in the hotel, you will need to have a capable adult stay with you for the first 24 hrs.  You cannot be left alone, and more importantly you should not be walking without assistance during the first 24 hrs as you may be prone to fainting, falling, and hurting yourself.  Patients may wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  If this happens, make sure you wake up your companion because you are not allowed to go to the bathroom by yourself.

If you are unable to find anyone that can stay with you, we are able to provide you with a personal support work who will make sure you are safe and comfortable.  There is $400 additional fee for this service.


2 weeks before your Breast Surgery

  • Stop all blood thinner medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, advil, coumadin, warfarin, plavix) and supplements (omega 3, fish oil, garlic, vitamin E)
  • Stop smoking (second hand smoking and even a single cigarette can have an adverse effect on your recovery and overall outcome of your breast augmentation surgery).  Cigarettes contain Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide and a list of many poisonous substances.  Carbon Monoxide prevents oxygen from being delivered to your cells and thus ‘suffocates’ healthy healing tissues while you are trying to recover from your surgery.  Nicotine is a substance that causes your blood vessels to constrict, thus making it more difficult for your body to deliver blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the healing breast wounds.  This slows down healing and makes you more susceptible to infection, wound breakdown and many other complications after surgery.
  • You should have all your blood work, your family doctor’s history/physical, and test results done and forwarded to the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute so that Dr. Jugenburg is able to review your results (fax: 647-436-6969 or email to info @
  • Make arrangements for transportation to and from the surgery
  • Make arrangements if you need someone to look after your children on the day of your surgery (pick up from school etc)
  • All payments for the surgery should be completed now.

1 week before your Augmentation Surgery

  • Pick up your prescription from your pharmacy
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Please let us know if you have a cold or any other infections going on as they need to be treated and resolved before your breast augmentation surgery
  • Get your post-surgical bra (our office will instruct you which bras are the best)

1 day before your Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Prepare loose clothing to wear to the clinic (easy to open and take off)
  • Prepare a little pack of things to bring with you (ID such as your driver’s licence, credit card, water bottle, dry snacks to have after surgery).  We provide a locker to safely store your belongings
  • Have nothing to eat or drink after midnight before your surgery because you can’t have anything in your stomach for at least 8 hours prior to your surgery (you CAN have sips of water with your medication)
  • Continue taking all your prescription medication except for blood thinners (if unsure, please consult with our nurses or Dr. Martin)
Breast Augmentation Surgery

To prepare for your Breast Augmentation surgery at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, please read the following instructions.  If you need any clarification on any of the following instructions, or you have a question that is not answered by the information below, please contact us via email ( or call us at 416-834-6640 and one of our coodinators will be ready to help you.

Day of the Surgery

  • Take a shower, wash using simple soap and water.  There is no need for any special cleansing soaps or shampoo
  • Please shave your armpits (if unshaven)  if you are having breast augmentation through the armpit.
  • Do NOT put on any body lotion, antiperspirant or perfume.
  • You can brush your teeth but do not drink any water (unless its sips of water with medications)
  • Do NOT take any diabetic medication
  • Do take your blood pressure medication if you are prescribed any
  • Bring ALL your medications (that Dr. Jugenburg has prescribed for you) to the Royal York Hotel surgery facility  (if your surgery is taking place at the Humber River Regional Hospital, you do not need to bring these medications with you as we have a different protocol at the hospital)
  • Bring all your routine medications, glucometer, puffers etc.

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