Cheek Sculpting

Full cheeks with high cheek bones are key facial feature are a key facial feature. When they are full, they project youthfulness. When they are hollowed out, they portend tiredness and old age. As the cheek extends laterally toward the ear, the ‘cheekbone’ as its is often called, creates a beautiful shadow just below it as it converges into what is called the buccal zone. It is often strikingly exotic when the cheekbone becomes an exaggerated lateral prominence on the face in a vertical plane. A wonderful example of this beautiful feature is Angelina Jolie, whom among other very attractive facial features including full lips, wide spaced eyes, and facial symmetry, owns perhaps one of the most beautifully architectural face in Hollywood.

While plastic surgeons cannot create another Angelina Jolie, we *can* enhance certain facial features to create a more model-like face. This may include a filler such as Restylane or fat grafting to the cheeks and cheek bone combined with a buccal lipectomy (removing “chipmunk cheeks.”) This combination often turns unattractive bottom heavy faces into youthful and sexy top heavy, or heart-shaped faces.

Cheek Sculpting

All facial incisions for fat grafting and buccal lipectomy are hidden inside the mouth, and the recovery time is short. Restylane can enhance cheeks in less than 30 minutes. Buccal lipectomy and facial fat grafting can take twice as long. The result are often spectacular.

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